NOS Servicar rear brake drums. RARE for 1973 6 lug wheel models. come in the original HD
NOS Servicar battery box. Fits 1940 up, still has the original tag . SOLD
NOS Servicar shocks. Fits 1940 up, still in the original wrapper. SOLD
NOS Servicar box frame coil springs. Fits 1941 up, still in the original wrapper. SOLD
NOS Harley 45 CI Flathead front brake backing plate. A little crusty, but Never mounted. 1941 up
solo WL\WLA
NOS Harley 45 CI Flathead rear brake backing plate. A little crusty, but Never mounted. 1937 up
solo WL\WLA
NOS Harley 45 CI Flathead rear brake assembly. This is the entire rear brake assembly as shown
with actuating arm, pivots, cam, shoes and springs . SWEET! Fits 1937 up solo WL\WLA
NOS Harley 45 CI Flathead Servicar  front one piece drive chain guard. Part # 3817-38. Fits
1938-39 Servicars
NOS Passenger footpegs SOLD.
NOS Springer windshield frame with handlebar mounting clamps and bottom plexiglass. This is a
dandy. Has all original hardware, CP marked bolt heads, all the snaps on the lower plexiglass
piece. NO top glass. One upper glass mounting screw is missing, all the rest are NOS OEM
pieces OD green for military WLA, or paint for civilian use.
NOS Front support rod for all 45 CI Flathead models 1932-73. Solo and Servicar models SOLD .
NOS Shift knob. Daka ware as original $25.00.
NOS Keyed ignition switch for early WLA military models. 7 connection posts. SOLD
NOS cat's eye dash lenses. You don't see too many of these around these days. Parkerized
finished frames. The lenses have the black military style covering on the backside for blackout
running of military models. It can be removed for civilian use.
NOS front crash bar\engine gaurd. Fits 45 CI Flatheads solo and servicar. SOLD.
NOS rear fender tip. very nice condition. 45 CI Flathead military WLA models SOLD
NOS Pursuit lamps. Great find for Police models. Servicar, Panhead & later These are 12Volts.
Part # 68727-64 RED
$100.00 PR .
NOS clutch release cable. This is a beauty, fits the later style 3 bolt clutch bracket and this one has
the grease fitting 45 CI Flathead  models. WL, Servicar
NOS Brake backing plate part # 44147-64. I believe this is for an Iron head Sportster, XLCH?
Check the number.
NOS engine sprocket. I have these in 18,19 and 20 tooth. Part # 40205-30, 40206-30 and
40207-36. These fit all big Twins with tapered sprocket shaft 1930-54 VL, UL, FL, EL Flathead,
Knucklehead, Panhead
NOS rear brake levers. I have part #'s 42402-36d(USED ONLY) for big Twins 1936 and later UL,
FL, EL Flathead  Knucklehea, Panhead mechanical brake up to 1957. I have part # 42401-39 for
45 CI Flatheads WL, WLA, Servicar. And I have part # 42402-59 for later swing arm Panheads
NOS rear backing plate. Part # 29014-59 SOLD
NOS Electric starter armature. Part # 31513-65. This fits the FIRST ElectraGlide 1965 Panhead
and into the early Shovelhead. It's a beauty fresh from it's box  
NOS Clutch assembly fits 1941 up 45 CI Flatheads Solo and Servicar. EVERYTHING is there and
ALL NOS. Including NOS Shell and sprocket, NOS hub and fingers, NOS ball retainer, NOS balls,
NOS ball cover and springs, NOS clutch discs fiber and steel, NOS pressure plate, NOS spring
plate, NOS springs, NOS lower spring cups, NOS stud nut lock plates, NOS stud nuts, NOS Clutch
hub NUT, NOS nut lock washer, NOS adjuster and nut. Everything has a fine layer of dried
cosmoline. Did I mention it's NOS.
NOS Clutch drum\shell. Fits 1941 up 45 CI Flatheads. WL, WLA, Servicar. It's a beauty. Shiny and
NEW. Part # 37695-41
NOS Knucklehead and UL Flathead right side case race. This is the pinion side. NEW from the
factory. Part # 24595-40. COOL!  
NOS Pinion shaft for 1937 and up 45 CI Flatheads, WL, WLA ,Servicar. Part # 24006-37  SOLD .
NOS Transmission Mainshaft for 1941 up 45 CI Flatheads WL, WLA, Servicar. Part # 35043-41
NOS Cylinder intake manifold nipples. Fit 1937-48 Harley 74 & 80 CI Flathead models U, UL,
ULH. Part # 27039-37
$35.00 pr .
NOS Cylinder intake nipples. fit 1940-47 74CI OHV Knucklehead models Part # 27039-40 SOLD
NOS Breather tube fits 1939-47 Knucklehead models EL and FL. Part # 24911-36 SOLD
NOS Transmission case. Harley 45 CI Flathead WL, WLA, Servicar. 1941 up 3 bolt case. If you
like to scrape away Grungy cosmoline, there's a treasure to be found underneath it all. Can you
smell it from here?
NOS ride control for springer front ends on Knuckleheads and Flatheads. It's all there, all NEW
from the HD factory. A bit grungy from sitting around for 60 years
NOS transmission cluster gear fits 1964 up elecreic start transmissions 45 CI Flathead Servicar
models. Part # 35710-64. Perfect  in the box.
NOS mouse trap clutch main housing. This fits 1952 up Panhead models. Part # 38456-52. First
time out of the Harley packaging for photo.
NOS mouse trap clutch base plate. This one is for later 1965 Panhead into early shovelhead. Part
# 38456-65. May be retro fitted to earlier models
NOS Cats eye lenses. See a matched NOS set below.
NOS oil bath air cleaner. Fits wla 45 CI Flathead military models. Fresh out of the box after 60
years. Perfect condition.
NOS transmission top cover for 1941 up 45 CI Flathead models. WL, WLA, Servicar. I have 2
fresh out of the box.
$35.00 ea.
NOS transmission shifter clutch for 1941 up 45 CI Flathead models. WL, WLA, Servicar.  This is
the VERY RARE 2nd and 3rd gear shift clutch. The one that seems to wear the most at 3rd gear.
NOS flywheel assembly including right and left flywheels, crank pin, pinion shaft and sprocket
shaft. This gem was all assembled at the HD factory over 60 years ago. Includes all fasteners, only
thing yo need is a set of connecting rods and away you go. Still covered in factory cosmoline,
aluminum wrapper and factory box.
NOS WLA scabbard and bracket. You get both pieces as seen. Scabbard marked
NOS WLA military ammo can. Still has the factory tag in place. SOLD
NOS WLA Harley 45 CI Flathead Springer fork rear leg. Still has the stem wrapped from the
NOS Cycle Ray springer headlight. Guide script style stamping. WLA or Knucklehead springer
models. MINTY NICE
NOS cam cover fits 1937 up 45 CI Flatheads WL, WLA, WLC, WLD, Servicar up to 1957. Nice
and NEW with the parts tag attached.
NOS front cylinder  fits  45 CI Flatheads WL, WLA, WLC, WLD, Servicar . These have 7/16 head
bolt holes, and comes with a standard piston, rings, pin. All coated in cosmoline. Nice and NEW
from the Harley factory 60 years ago with the parts tag attached.
NOS Aluminum head SET. When's the last time you've seen a set of these still sealed in the
factory boxes?  Fits  45 CI Flatheads WL, WLC, WLA, WLD, Servicar . These have 7/16 head
bolt holes,  All coated in cosmoline. Black finish # 5. Nice and NEW from the Harley factory 60
years ago still sealed in factory boxes. Opened head for reference only. 1 front and 1 rear head

NOS Stewert Warner speedometer cable. Fits 45 CI Flathead models 1937-0952 WL,WLA,WLC
etc. Fresh out of cosmoline wrapping.  
NOS shift gate 45 CI Flathead Harley. This is the later version with the fold to keep pants from
NOS starter clutch for 1941 up 45 CI Flathead including WL, WLA, WLC, Servicar. This is what
you need for a good transmission rebuild. Don't use the repro ones fron India, they will shatter and
ruin your day, and your tranny
NOS Cycle Ray Guide headlamp lens. This has # 30 at the top and all the right markings including
casting number 918831 on the backside.
Here is a near perfect WLD, WLDD and WLDR front cylinder. Casting date 1941 this cylinder has
NO chipped or broken fins, is standard bore, has valve guides intact. Valve seats are excellent
condition,NOS never run. This takes the LARGE port intake and the threaded intake nipple is
missing, so needs to be replaced. This has NO factory relieving in the valves, bu do it yourself for
WLDR application Go far, GO FAST.
NOS front brake drum Shell. Fresh from opened crate. Fits 1941 up Harley 45CI Flathead WL,
WLA. Nice and CREAMY and Dreamy. Original OD green paint with parts tag attached.
NOS 45 CI Flathead tank set. OD green for WLA and all models 1940-46. Rare decent solid
set. Tape marks still on tanks, gas side has a few dings from 70 years being around.
NOS REAR wheel assembly Star Hub. Fits Knucklehead UL Flatheads and WLA WL Flatty.
OD green with parkerized spokes NICE.
NOS FRONT wheel complete 45 CI Flathead WL WLA. OD green with parkerized spokes.