At Resurrection Cycle Works, we specialize in building 45CI flathead motors, and are capable
of rebuilding your motor for you. The following type motors are able to be readily rebuilt:
"Rebuilt" means different things to different people. For us at Resurrection Cycle Works it
means this: Every piece of the motor is completely disassembled, cleaned and inspected. All
wear parts are replaced including crank pin, pinion shaft and sprocket shaft, flywheel thrust
washers, all roller bearings, wrist pins, valve guides, valves, recut triple angle valve seats,
cylinders bored and honed, cases line honed for precision fit, all races checked and replaced
if necessary including rod and case races, oil pumps rebuilt, cam bushings replaced and
fitted as necessary, cases sealed with Glyptol, Motor mounts remachined as necessary, deck
remachined as necessary, heads machined as necessary,new gaskets, new paint, and the
motor is then test run on our motor stand and everything retorqued as necessary. Below you
will find some photo's of our work in progress.
If you have a motor that needs rebuilding, please contact us for a quote. Prices vary depending
on condition of existing motor and your desired results and budget. We can also supply you with
one of our motors completely rebuilt. Email to check availability of specific years and models.